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Ryota Shiibashi / 椎橋 良太


A photographer & sculptor with a degree in Fine Arts from Bunsei University of Arts. Born in 1979 and raised in a farmstead on the outskirts of the city, he continues to live and work in Yokohama. An invitation to scale Mount Karamatsu in the Northern Alps of Japan during his late twenties – in the company of his uncle – led to a passion for further climbing and an enduring fascination with the alpine scenery. This continues to inform his work, which has transitioned into hand-crafted delicate collage techniques since 2016. To date, his ventures further afield have included artist residencies in both Gwangju and Beijing.

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2022年「Independent Tokyo 2022」 タグボート特別賞
2004年第2回文星芸術大学卒業制作展 最優秀賞
2023年「スタジオビジット」  DART × Singo Francis Studios (鎌倉)
2021年「気の風景」  AnyOne × TEA HERE (北京)
2019年「あなたがいて」  Semi-Underground Space (北京)
2018年「このあのそのどこか」  ATELIER・K ART SPACE (横浜)
2022年「Independent Tokyo 2022」 (東京)
2021年「界・相 中日文化芸術交流展」 (蘇州、中国)
「SICF22」 スパイラルホール (東京)
2020年「Wall Street Museum」 The Chain Museum × NEWoMan Yokohama (横浜)
2019年「Objects & Images」 Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery (クアラルンプール、マレーシア)
2018年「On Paper Supreme」  青島天泰アートセンター (青島、中国)、
光州美術館北京Creative Center Exhibition Hall (北京)他
2017年 「ある、点」  Space Ppong (光州、韓国)
2016年「黄金町バザール2016」 黄金町エリアマネジメントセンター (横浜)
2016-2021, 2023年ATELIER・K ART SPACE (横浜)
2023年「Study:大阪関西国際芸術祭アート&クリエイティブフェア」 (大阪)
2022年 「Affordable Art Fair Singapore」 (シンガポール)
「アートフェアアジア福岡」 (福岡)
「ART NAGOYA 2022」(名古屋)
2021年「Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2021」 (北京)
2020年 「Art Gwangju 2020」 (光州、韓国)
2019年Semi-Underground Space (北京,中国)
2017年Space Ppong(光州、韓国)
2022 “Independent Tokyo 2022” Tagboat Special Award
2004First prize at graduation work exhibition of Bunsei University of Art
Solo Exhibitions
2023“Studio Visit” / DART × Singo Francis Studios (Kamakura)
2021“Landscape of qi” / AnyOne × TEA HERE (Beijing, China)
2019“you are here, so I am here” / Semi-Underground Space (Beijing, China)
2018“here, there, somewhere of those” / ATELIER・K ART SPACE (Yokohama, Japan)
Group Exhibitions
2023“Food, Art, People and Town 2023 Autumn” Yokohama Portside District (Yokohama, Japan)
“Independent Tokyo 2022 Selection” Tagboat Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2022“Independent Tokyo 2022” (Tokyo, Japan)
2021“China-Japan Culture and Art Exchange Exhibition” (Suzhou, China)
“SICF22” / Spiral hall (Tokyo, Japan)
2020“Wall Street Museum” / The Chain Museum × NEWoMan Yokohama (Yokohama, Japan)
2019“Objects & Images” / Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
2018“On Paper Supreme” / Qindao Tiantai Art Center (Qindao, China), Gwangju Museum of Art Beijing Creative Center Exhibition Hall (Beijing, China), etc.
2017“Some, Point” / Space Ppong (Gwangju, Korea)
2016“Koganecho Bazaar 2016” (Yokohama, Japan)
2016-21, 23ATELIER・K ART SPACE (Yokohama, Japan)
Art Fair
2024 “ART COUNCIL in AUTOMOBILE COUNCIL2024” (Chiba, Japan)
2023 “Osaka Kansai International Art Festival” (Osaka, Japan)
2022“Affordable Art Fair Singapore” (Singapore)
“Art Fair Asia Fukuoka” (Fukuoka, Japan)
“KOBE ART MARCHE” (Kobe, Japan)
“Art Nagoya 2022” (Nagoya, Japan)
2021“Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2021” (Beijing, China)
2020“Art Gwangju 2020” (Gwangju, Korea)
Artist in residences
2019Semi-Underground Space (Beijing, China)
2017-18Gwangju Museum of Art (Gwangju, Korea)
2017Space Ppong (Gwangju, Korea)
2015-18Koganecho Area Management Center (Yokohama, Japan)